WoodWorking: Cradenza

I enjoy many hobbies, especially ones that create mess. When I am feeling like messing up a garage, woodworking is the answer. Below is a 50’s inspired mid century credenza that I designed and built.


The most challenging part of this design was getting all of the rabbits routed with the hand router. This was especially true when going against the grain for the middle and end supports. The front and back rabbits were easier to route since I was allowed to go with the wood grain. Overall, I was pretty pleased with the route work that I achieved. The old Skil router that I was using had plenty of power but skipped a bit at times and caused jagged routes in places.

Routing the Rabbits

Though the rabbits were a bit tricky to cut, they allowed for this design to be very simple in final assembly. Two end pieces and two middle supports were used to add vertical structure, while the back piece added lots of horizontal stability. Two thin doors were then held in place by some wood stripping.

Applying Stain
Stain Finished

Created 11.5.2017

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