Hello, welcome to my personal webpage! This is a place where I post projects that captivate my interests and skills related to engineering, as well as other general interests. If you would like to see a sliver of my creativity, please take a look at some of my personal work which is located below. In addition, if you wish to contact me please click here. My email is listed there if I have inspired some sort of communication. Thanks for stopping by!

Personal Work

Squeeze Driver

Inspiration for this project stemmed from an earlier project that I worked on when I applied this design to a … More

Compact Transmitter Enclosure Design

In this project, I aim to design a more compact version of an old RC transmitter that I had lying … More

Night Photography

Zion West Rim Trail Backpacking Trip, August 2019   Winter 2019            

Landscape Photography

Zion West Rim Trail Backpacking Trip, Auguts 2019   Colorado, March 2019      

Coffee Table Robot

Robotic arms are incredible. They propel production of so many cutting edge products and supplement the pace of technological advancement. … More

WoodWorking: Cradenza

I enjoy many hobbies, especially ones that create mess. When I am feeling like messing up a garage, woodworking is … More

Quick Designs

Hello again! This is a new series consisting of quick designs that are just that. I have a problem and … More

3D Printer Cooling Fin Design

Did you know a 3d printer can upgrade itself? Alas, I have manufactured the new heat sink and am now … More

Engineering a 3d Printer Hot End

What is 3D printing? More specifically, what does a 3d printer look like in a home setting? Well… think of … More

Folding Drone V3

Here is the latest revision of my folding drone! Feel free to check out my previous revisions and pages related … More

Folding Drone V2


Senior Design

This past semester, I was involved with a Mechanical Engineering capstone senior design course. Our group was assigned to perform … More

Modular Bike Fender

Work in progress! There have been numerous occasions where I somehow found myself peddling my 10 speed bike in a … More

Folding Drone FPV Concept

The intent of this project was to add FPV and GoPro systems to the folding quad copter. The nose of … More

Folding Drone Part III

After extensive design consideration and 3D printing, it was time for the models first flight! Above is a picture of … More

Folding Drone Part II

  The final mechanism on this model was the upper spring folding mechanism. This mechanism consists of one spring and … More

Squeeze Wrench Part II

3D printing Process Below is a picture of the squeeze wrench getting printed. This print was done at 100% scale, … More

Snowmobile CVT, Machine Design

For my machine design class, my group and I was assigned to design a gearbox for a power transmission application. … More

Quick Prints

All of the models created in this portfolio were created for 3D printing using Autodesk Fusion 360. Each item on … More

Squeeze Wrench Part I

I own a 3D printer and was amazed by the 3D printable NASA ratcheting wrench (picture above). The entire assembly … More

Folding Drone Part I

My goal with this project was to make a 3D printable and fold-able quad copter. This design concept was inspired by the … More